In this personal project, the challenge was to make a character relaunch from a classic videogame older than 10 years. Style was not specified. The chosen character should only be recognizable and around 10k with 2x1024 maps.
As a big 'Sonic the Hedgehog' fan I picked the good old, 'Ivo Eggman Robotnik'.
If you are familiar with this crazy scientist, you will know that he is always on the move with some Hightech, equipment robotic suits/vehicles.
I decided to give him an overdrawn charicature look, with realistic elements. Knowing that I wanted to make him a little bit chunky and immobile, my decision was to place him in a hovering chair with a mechanical arm.

Character has around 10k Tris including chair. 2x 1024 maps for body and chair.

Software used:

Maya 2009
Zbrush 3.5
Photoshop CS3