Corporate Conflict Mars

Award: 1.Place at the Gamesload Newcomer Award 2009


CCM takes place on Mars in the year 2402.
On this planet marked by wars, you battle as commander for
the interests of large corporations, which strive to control the resource-rich areas
on Mars. The world is used a used environment, with
errors and conflicts in the vein of Blade Runner and stands in strong contrast to the cure,
clean and correct SciFi world of StarTrek.


The game is based on capturing and holding the opponents territory. Main goal is to advance with your Drones
(unmanned units under the players control)
to the opponents base, which has to be deactivated in favor to cut off the enemies control over his units and win the game.
To achieve its goal, the players has some help, like the SKYMAP - the most important innovation in CCM.
This map is a grid, which is floating around 90m over the playable area, and works as
a simplified, mirrored version of the level providing the player with all relevant information, like the Position
and current expansion of the teritory.


The CCM project is a student project realised in the context of education at the Games Academy in Berlin.
The team consists of participants of different educational backgrounds.
Designed for a period of two semesters, the first semester (P200) started at 01.04.2008
and mainly served the development of a prototype and preproduction.
In the last 2 semestern, the main focus was aimed at the completion of the Goldmaster in August 2009

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